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Vehicle Parts
Investment Casting Products and Design
Product Description

C&S is focusing on investment casting process to manufacture stainless steel, carbon steel and other special Hastelloy products.

OEM service supplies casting, processing and assembling precision casting parts to the vehicle parts manufacturers or traders. Sold to the world through customer marketing!

Our partner countries are from all over the world with pleasant cooperation and trust each other.

The product line can meet the demands of customers in the vehicle parts market etc. We can customize what customers’ specific needs or demands whatever from the domestic or foreign. The computer mold flow analysis system can provide testing different products, gates, runners etc. as well as liquid iron and molding conditions. To optimize the combination of parameters is as the initial guess of actual mass production and lower the work period, manpower, raw materials, and energy costs for field trials.

C&S attaches great importance to the group of all kinds of vehicle parts and is committed to meeting the quality and safety requirements of customers. The parts we provide, not only the price meets the customer's needs, but also the quality is deeply trusted by the customers. Therefore, the customers are loved and continue to place orders.

Widely used in tram of lost wax casting, rails of lost wax casting, conveyor belts of lost wax casting and all kinds of chain and impeller of lost wax casting etc.

Product Specification

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Investment Casting Tolerance Spec