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C&S - specialized in lost wax casting & investment casting

C&S Metal Products Co., Ltd is a professional OEM investment casting manufacturer.

Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting

C&S Metal Product Co., Ltd was founded in 1980, specialized in investment casting process, and qualified ISO9001:2015 and PED 2014/68/EU certificate for certified professional investment casting foundry. Lost wax investment casting method can provide accurate dimensions and tolerances that offers "Near Net-shapes" which can saves mass material wasting in machining. Products include: valve parts, industrial machinery, pneumatic tools, fluid control equipment, motor vehicles, marine hardware, food machinery, sports equipment, and other components. The main material is for stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel series.

What We Believe and Offer

C&S Metal Products Co., Ltd. works with honesty and creativity to develop high quality lost wax casting supplier, and finished parts for all industrial applications with high customer satisfaction and endorsement.

Professionalism always comes first. C&S Metal Products Co., Ltd. is fully equipped with processing machinery that apply with the most complex shapes for top tolerances, high standards finish, stringent testing and strict inspection, all production procedures are supported by well-trained engineers and technicians who are determined to work for the best.

C&S Metal Products Co., Ltd. will work to achieve better quality and market achievement that will make all of us prosper.

Company Background
  • Formation of the company as C&S Metal Products Co. Ltd.
  • Sand casting process production.
  • Precision Castings process production, lost wax castings.
  • Heat treatment facility and spectrograph analysis established.
  • ISO 9002 approved.
  • Casting mechanical testing established.
  • AD-W5-TRD100 approved.
  • Soluble Wax, Ceramic Core available.
  • AD2000 W0/PED-MM approved.
  • Set up 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine system.
  • Machining Department established.
  • Solidworks Software.
  • Simulation Solid Cast Software.
  • CNC Machine.
  • Set up EM-2.5D Measuring System.
  • Set up Magnetic particle equipment
  • Set up ERP system
  • Update to new version of SolidCast 8.9.0 & FlowCast 2.6.0 & New inspection equipment of Non-destructive Test “ TrueX Handheld Alloy Analyzer.”
  • PED 2014/68/EU material manufacturer certificate