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Lost Wax Casting Technique, Metal Casting Techniques

Experienced engineers assist you for the best casting’s characteristics with cost considerations. If you have any doubts concerning the casting parts, please contact us, we have experienced engineers to serve your needs.


We can supply you with draft drawings for a reference. From this, we are able to produce a CAD file for you to confirm the products before making the tooling. Also, you can provide us the CAD file for even more prompt service, and we make the tooling and part for you.

Material selections

Engineering assist is available for the best material for your products.

Design goals defined

We provide services concerning the casting parts and details concerning the gate removal, heat treatment, surface treatment, machining, non-destructive testing and verification etc.


We off the best lost wax casting technique, metal casting techniques, aluminium casting techniques, tell us any specific dimensional tolerance you require, if the casting can not be done, we have the experience to straighten and machine the casting to meet your needs.

Machined parts, assembly parts

Our engineers also provide the services for machining your parts or even the partial assembly to your products.

RP and Reverse engineering

We have the 3D CMM available for your products, if you do not have the drawings, and also we can produce the rapid prototype by our local suppliers.

Build more soluble wax ceramic mold