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Melting & Casting Procedure

Picture: The ceramic shell mold send into a sintering furnace


Ceramic shell mold are sent to preheated sintering furnace after de-wax process. The temperature needs to reach about 1100 degrees and the purpose is to remove the residual wax and moisture and increase the strength of ceramic shell mold and the floating of liquid iron.

Picture: Melting
Picture: Actual Temperature


To compound different material ingredients such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and special alloy is according to the client’s request and demand. To heat temperature of high frequency induction furnace till about 1600 degrees and shall be remove slag and gas to maintain liquid iron clean.

Picture: Melting Pouring

Melting Pouring

The compound ratio of liquid iron pours into the preheated ceramic shell mold and waits for cooling.

Picture: Shell Removal

Shell Removal

Remove shell by shell removal machine.