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Company profile

  • Enter your core business, main technologies and years of experience
    Our core business is investment casting, process and surface finish with over 30-year-experienece.
  • Export rate (% )
    40% for export and 60% for domestic
  • Number of employees per department (direct and indirect, production, quality, sales, R&D, purchasing and financial) and number of English speaking persons per department
    Production: 62
    Quality: 3
    Sales: 2 Speacking English: 2
    R&D: 2
  • Average volumes manfactured
    25-30 tons/monthly
  • Which stainless steel type do you cast?
    Types of alloy poured
    stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, Monel etc
    304, 316, 316L,303, 410, 420J2, 431, 17-4PH, WCB, 8620, SCM440, O2, A2

Manufacturing capabilities - Equipment

  • Nb of furnaces and volume capacity
    2 furnces- each 100-120 Kg
  • Type of furnaces:
  • Name of brand
  • Melting hours
    10 hours
  • List your control equipments for chemical analysis
    Chemical composition equipment
  • List of equipments for injection/coating/casting
    Wax Injection Machine 2 SET, Dipping Tank 1 SET, Fluid Sand Tank 4 SET
    Heat Treatment Furnace 2 SET, Blasting Machine 8 SET, Grinder 3 SET
    Cutter 3 SET, Argon Welding 2 SET, Dewaxing Furnace 1 SET
    H.F. Induction Furnace 2 SET, CNC Machine 2 SET

Manufacturing capabilities - Machining

  • Indicate your machining internal capabilities
    2 sets of CNC machine with 4 axis
  • Available Capacity
    lathe, milling , others surface finish
  • Capacity of machines:
    CNC 16HR
    MC 8HR

Manufacturing capabilities - Surface treatment & other secondary operations

  • Heat treating done on site
    Solid Solution, Normalization, annealing, precipitaion hardening
  • Heat treating done by vendor
    Quenching and Tempering, Carburization, Carbonitriding
  • How often is equipment calibrated?
    per year
  • Detail your internal capabilities for cold forming/straightening
  • Indicate your internal capabilities
    Shot blasting/deburring/grinding
    Shot blasting/ deburring/ grinding
  • Surface Treatment / Coating
    electro-plating, electro-polishing, black oxide coating and baking varnish etc.
  • Brazing/welding
    Argon welding, electric welding

Inspection & test

  • List of inspection equipement
    caliper, 3D CMM, EM-2.5D System, Universal Tensile Tester, Chemical composition, Hardness Tester, Metallurgical Microscope, Surface Roughness Meter, Penetrate inspection, Magnetic particle inspection, Mold flow simulation software etc
  • Brand name of equipment used for analysis
  • Indicate whether you do leakage tests (Y/N)
  • Indicate your methods of porosity measurement
    X-ray and destructive test
  • Is there a Coordinate Measuring machine on site? Model number?
    Yes, CE-450
  • To what extent are inspections performed? ( first piece, in-process, final)
    first piece, in-process, final
  • How are non comforming parts handled?
    stock separately, scrap for melting
  • Metallography
    Microscope 50X~400X
  • CMM size
    450*450*250 m/m